Targeting the silicone

Open a new era of high-end separation and purification

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非极性烃类基团种类更多,选择性更高,分离能力更强; 新型极性基团与目标物或杂质特异性结合能力更强; 与特定金属或金属复合物选择性结合的能力更强;部分产品可适用于分离有机杂质;同一SPE柱中可同时填装标准与新型填料,以提高分离能力。
  • Targeted adsorption

  • PPM/PPB level

  • FDA registration

  • Customer "salary" value

  • Short customization cycle

Quality assurance

Our own factory's professional team is responsible for the whole process quality control, from the raw material to the delivery of customer products

Technical guidance

Ordering our products is responsible for the whole process guidance

Custom service

Customized products and specialized services according to customers' special needs

Experience in service

For more than 30 years, the modified silica gel technology platform of Nobel laboratory was precipitated, and the intellectual property system was clear + the complete targeted silica gel technology

Logistics and quick

Quick delivery, delivery on the same day to the same day, outside the province can be delivered directly to the door

After-sales service

From the confirmation of order intention and demand to the investigation after the customer USES the product, the project specialist tracks the whole process of the service


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